This room is a charming place where to do meetings, conferences for a small group host of the b&b or training courses, or meditation seminars.
It has about 25 seats meeting.
It serves as an exhibition space showcasing the tools of Farmer’s Life, with the purpose of salvaging and preserving the folk traditions of the area.

We know that it is not easy to get to us (from airport a bit more than 1 hour). But when you arrive here you immerse yourself in a peace that you will remember over the years!

In addition to this area indoors, the courses use a site in full nature for spiritual trekking. You can “find yourself in the woods”! In the wooded area there is also a small shelter for typical local meals

The “Palmento” is a stone basin where once treading grapes with their feet, to generate a delicious wine. The name of the b&b comes from the name of this stone